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He Was a Man of ‘Style’

I first became familiar with The Elements of Style in junior college, in an English class. It was one of the few books I did NOT return to the used book store at the end of the semester. In fact, I still have … Continue reading

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Write a Book to Boost Your Image

Come up with an idea … write it down … edit … publish … market. Follow these five steps, and you can call yourself a successful author! The steps are simple. The hard part is following through on each of … Continue reading

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Are You on the Air?

No matter who your target audience is, they listen to radio at some point in their day. Even before seeing statistics on the number of people reached by radio waves, I knew radio ads work because they’ve worked with me! … Continue reading

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Sharpen Your Focus with Email Marketing

Email marketing is so much more than just sending customers a few emails each month. It’s also about building relationships. In a world where social media is now almost a requirement for businesses who want to keep in touch with … Continue reading

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Who’s in the Audience?

Who’s in your audience? When you “tell your story” through your marketing materials, email messages, or blog, who do you “see” reading your words? If you’re lucky, some of your audience will like what you have to say so much … Continue reading

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Increase Your Value with Information Products

In the mid-’90s, pamphlets were big. Now, everyone’s doing eBooks, podcasts, and videos. As the world changes, so do information products. And yet, some things always stay the same. Like the reason for creating info products in the first place. … Continue reading

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Jump-Start Your Business with Your Own Ezine

A couple of years ago, I already knew I wanted to specialize in writing Web copy. But I still wasn’t convinced about the need to get an ezine of my own going just yet. Fortunately, a marketing coach told me … Continue reading

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Become a Storyteller through Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story. Through stories, people connect with and care about people. And if people connect with you, they’re more willing to listen and – eventually – trust you. Those are the types of people you WANT to … Continue reading

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Sell Yourself as an Expert … with Articles

In today’s social media-focused world, articles – the kind you see in magazines and newspapers – may seem kind of outdated. Not valued much, either. Surf the Internet, and you’ll see offers from companies paying as low as $2 to … Continue reading

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Brochures – Do You Really Need Them?

When I first started my business several years ago, I knew I needed three things: a business card, letterhead, and a brochure. The first two were pretty easy – once I had a logo, that is. But the third – … Continue reading

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