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Web Copywriter

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved words – both reading them and writing them.

Over the past couple of decades, another passion has entered my life: health. Eating well, staying active, finding time to be outdoors in nature.

Luckily, I’ve discovered the perfect way to combine both of these passions in my life: writing about health-related issues, and writing for clients who are also committed to health.

One of my goals is to help clients realize that healthy copy means far more than just writing about good food or healthy habits.

It also means their website’s content  is healthy – strong and vibrant, not weak or confusing.

Copy that clearly conveys your company’s message about your products or services, often through stories or case studies, can make a huge difference in your business success.


Over 30 years ago, I decided to follow a career path that would allow me to follow my love for writing on a daily basis. So I entered the field of journalism. Over the years, I’ve worked as a reporter, photographer, editor, publications manager, assistant director of communications, technical writer, and freelance writer in a variety of industries. I’ve also had the privilege of having once-in-a lifetime experiences, thanks to some of the “perks” I had in those positions.

As associate editor of a travel magazine, I traveled through Europe. A two-week press trip to Greece (with a side trip to Holland) in 1987 gave me access to sights, experiences, and people I’ll never forget. As reporter and feature editor of a small-town weekly newspaper, I flew in a prop plane, interviewed prisoners inside of a maximum security prison, and handled newborn wolf puppies at a local zoo.

While some experiences have been more exciting than others, the common theme running through all of them (confirming what a college journalism professor once told me) is this: No subject is boring. We may have to work harder at finding that “golden nugget,” but it’s always there.

Finding the “golden nugget” – the story that helps prospects take notice of what you’re trying to say – is my specialty. And one of the most powerful ingredients of any successful marketing strategy.


I received a B.A. in Mass Communications (emphasis in Journalism) from California State University, Chico; a certificate in Technical Communication from California State University, Sacramento; and a certificate in Web Technologies from the International Webmasters Association/HTML Writers Guild. I’ve also studied with American Writers & Artists Institute.

The coaching I’ve received from seasoned copywriters and marketers like Steve Slaunwhite and Marcia Yudkin has deepened my understanding of marketing, helping me become an even stronger asset to your organization.


One area in which I specialize is writing for the web: blog posts and content that help you not only “get found,” but that help keep people at your site longer once they get there. I also know how to place links strategically in your content to help with search engine optimization (SEO). See my Services page.

I’ve written for a variety of health-related industries, including speech pathology, skin care, chiropractic, and nutrition. I also write business profiles and case studies for business-to-business (B2B).